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As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, it is my passion to help others find opportunities to bridge differences for deeper connection and understanding. I specialize in navigating the cultural and racial dynamics that divide us. Particularly with sensitive topics, I have developed a process that can transform how you relate to conflict. 

Whether we work individually or in couples therapy, my goal is to help you respond effectively to life's challenges through the practice of somatic psychotherapy. I provide a safe, supportive environment for you to explore your internal reality and how it is impacted by external factors. Although mindfulness, interactive dialogue, and practical wisdom are consistent features of my process; I tailor my approach to every client's specific need.

I am honored to serve those​ who:

  • Want a safe space to explore issues of race, gender and identity
  • Feel life’s challenges are overwhelming
  • Experience difficulty in relationships with others
  • Believe happiness always eludes them
  • Are exploring the meaning and purpose of their lives

This is the practice of The Embodied Path group therapy course. This course provides the framework for a lifetime exploration in optimizing personal growth, self-compassion, and expanded consciousness.

Your journey gives you permission to embrace the limitations of the body and become curious about what lies beneath the surface, driving your results. When you align with life force instead of fighting it, the outcome we desire arrives in perfect order.

if you’re interested in transforming conflict in your life, check out this 5 week course, The Embodied Path. Your blueprint for practicing presence to experience the life you desire. Through the Embodied Path course you will undoubtedly make shifts on an individual level. The ripple effects will permeate every relationship in your life.

Marriage & Family Therapy

Rate: $200+ for 50 minute session

Individual Therapy

Rate: $175 for 50 minutes session

Group Therapy

Rate: $249 - $549 depending on tier

More Group Sessions Starting Soon

Don't let cost be the barrier between yourself and a better life. Scholarships are available. Contact me  for more information.


Do you have more questions? Contact me to schedule a 15 minute consultation.

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