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Deanna Jimenez

As a guide, I believe it is my responsibility to provide a safe and contained space for a person to explore their feelings, thoughts and experiences without judgment. Feeling deeply connected and understanding yourself more wholly can be a powerful experience and very healing.

My style is interactive, warm, and direct. I demystify the process of therapy by being a real person, not a “blank slate.” My approach is collaborative, as we work together to address your concerns. 

Although I work eclectically, I am heavily influenced by the principles of mindfulness and your present experience. I focus less on reconstructing the past and more on changing what is not working in your life today.

Through personal experiences and professional training I continue to stay engaged around issues that impact people of color. My multi-cultural embodiment is a lens thru which I see the work and how I show up in the therapeutic space. I invite curiosity around each person's needs as it relates to being seen as a unique individual in this world. Diversity in the psychotherapy field is a passion of mine and I hope to support each of my clients in expressing their innate beauty with confidence.

My education in healing has been a winding journey of various modalities. My training includes:


A collaborative approach towards conflict resolution where each party is able to listen and be heard in a safe environment and come to a mutually agreed upon plan;

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

an approach to communication, personal development and psychotherapy utilizing hypnosis and other pattern-breaking techniques;

Transpersonal Psychology

A full spectrum psychology, integrating a mind, body, spirit model. It blends East/West philosophy to the traditional Western Psychology methods.

Energy Work
as a Pranic Healer, I tune into subtle energies and utilize our body’s life force to support the healing process.



John F. Kennedy University

Master's Degree

Transpersonal Psychology

University of California, Berkeley

Bachelor's Degree

International Relations

Key Trainings

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner Certification, Niruka

Supreme Influence into Action Certification, Niruka

Interpersonal Neurobiology Year-Long Intensive, Bonnie Badenoch

Embodied Touch Year-Long Intensive, Shirley BarDvir

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