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The Embodied Path

Growing up, I was led to believe that my external achievements would create a life of joy and freedom. It was instilled in me that if I got a quality education, landed a lucrative job, and found a life partner my life would unfold seamlessly.

So, off I went. Bachelor’s Degree from a highly respected university…Cheers! High visibility, corporate job landed before my college graduation...Check. Investments and wealth building...done. Self-help books and retreats to facilitate transformation, and life partner...Hooked!

Imagine my confusion when insomnia and anxiety persisted. For the longest time, I thought I could think and plan my way into creating the life I desired. Coaches told me that I "create my reality". 

When life was no longer fulfilling, I criticized myself. I thought, “If  I only worked harder, if  I could just control my emotions and my thoughts more effectively."; Creating a vacuous hole of anxiety and self-loathing that created tension within my personal and professional relationships. Ultimately, my stress manifested itself as a chronic illness.

 And, it was at that moment of complete surrender, when everything clicked. I focused inward, my curiosity pushing me to discover what lies beneath the surface, driving my results. 

I changed my approach to life. I realized that if I didn’t deal with the disconnect between my intellectual self and my emotional self, I would forever be in a stress-inducing loop, taking me further away from the life I desired.

Once truly able to understand the importance of emotional regulation, I was able to use it as a tool to shift my way of thinking. I began to see entirely different results in my life. I was able to create the capacity to take the information I learned, and heal my life from the inside out.

Through this expanded internal awareness lies the capacity to experience authentic connection with a sense of purpose, with others, and most importantly with yourself.

A deep connection can happen only when you peel away the illusions of who you aren't and build the space to love who you are. From this intention, you will be guided in balancing your mind, body, and spirit to create the life you desire.

I want to support this shift within you. Let me guide your journey towards growth and healing.

As the architect, your first task is developing a clear sense of self. Answering the questions “who am I?”  & "What brings me joy?"

In my dream life, we would be sitting on a cozy couch with a warm cup of tea exploring these steps together. Since that is not realistic, I created The Embodied Path. This online course, was created with love to share my unique method with a broader audience. Thanks to the power of technology, you will have access to years of professional experience typically only available to my select group of clients. 

When you learn to honor your sensory intelligence, in conjunction

with your cognitive intelligence,

the stressors that disrupt your life will dissolve.

Integration of mind and body is the remedy to the internal conflict showing up in your life. I understand the conflict. The Embodied Path will reveal the remedy. I’ll guide you through the process and use clear concrete steps. Simplicity accelerates the integration of information by supporting your need to see the big picture and understand the importance of each lesson. This builds trust in the process and trust is foundational for growth.


Easy-to-follow learning approaches embedded in each lesson

The Embodied Path provides foundational tools for life & healing


With self-awareness, you can identify your needs and what parts of your life are not in alignment with your highest self. With congruence, you will attract the people and situations you desire in life with ease and grace.


You’ll be equipped to fight your inner critic. When you develop a clearer understanding of why you do what you do there is a capacity for deeper love and patience with yourself. Only from this space of understanding, is there room for lasting change.


If you can address your unconscious resistance to change, the steps become simple and action happens naturally. As you learn to honor your body’s wisdom, you support every aspect of yourself working towards change in your life.

Guided Meditation

Supports the process of slowing down, turning inward and increasing self-awareness.



Offers concise, engaging incite and explanations to course lessons.

Skill-Building Exercises

Hands on practice that allows the opportunity to apply newly learned content to your real life.

Supplemental Resources

Promotes deeper integration of course materials to enhance learning and support a life long journey towards growth.

Highly intelligent people can also be highly sensitive

This level of sensory attunement can be uncomfortable, at best.  This heightened awareness is often suspended or cut off at a young age as a means of self-protection. Many of us have learned to override our power of sensitivity in order to function in the high demand world we live in. But, this stunted way of coping may no longer be serving you. We can use our intellect as a bridge to connect, as opposed to an obstacle that separates us from ourselves and our joy. You will develop tools to shift the way you process information internally… thereby shifting the way you experience the world!

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