“We can pay people to clean our house, do our taxes, teach us piano, and fix broken bones, but nobody can do our inner work for us. Nobody. To truly take responsibility for ourselves, we must grow up psychologically and spiritually, so we can respond to life as mature and authentic men and women.”
-Mariana Caplan

Breaking patterns in our life that no longer serve us can be rewarding and also overwhelming.

Maybe I can help.

I am a compassionate, resourceful, client-centered psychotherapist in Oakland, CA. I have experience helping people to create more satisfying relationships and lead happier, more balanced lives.  

Whether I work with you as an individual, a couple, or a family, my goal is to help you respond
effectively to life's challenges through the practice of depth psychotherapy. I provide a safe, supportive environment for you to begin exploring your internal reality and how it is impacted by external factors. I tailor my approach to you and your specific situation; although mindfulness, interactive dialogue and practical wisdom are consistent features of my work.

Call me if you:
- want a safe space to explore issues around race, gender and identity 
- feel life’s challenges are overwhelming
- experience difficulty in your relationships with others
- believe happiness always eludes you
- are exploring the meaning of your life

My office is centrally located in the Lake Merritt area in Oakland, CA. Parking is available in addition to easy access via public transportation. Please explore my website and contact me for a free consultation. I look forward to serving you and your specific needs.