Deanna Jimenez, LMFT


It doesn't interest me what you do for a living.
I want to know what you ache for and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart's longing. 

-Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Hi, my name is Deanna.

As a highly sought after transpersonal/somatic psychotherapist, I found this professional path by means of personal exploration and a deep desire to contribute to humanity in a meaningful way. I am a compassionate social justice warrior who seeks to create an integration of the human and spiritual worlds, one person at a time. I specialize in illuminating the intersection of a person's natural talents and their soul's calling in order to live a life deeply aligned with purpose and contribution. This online course, The Embodied Path, was created with love to share my unique method to a broader audience and at an affordable price.  This is a great course to supplement your ongoing therapeutic work!

Are you:

  • Frequently disempowered by emotions of anxiety, depression, fear, or self-doubt?
  • An overthinker. In fact, this mental spiral is negatively impacting your ability to live in your full power and express your life's potential?
  • Finding it difficult to articulate what you feel and this prevents you from experiencing deep relationships with others?

How do I know this? Because I have been there…

Growing up, I was led to believe that my external accomplishments would create a life of joy and freedom. It was instilled in me that if I got a quality education, landed a lucrative job, and found a life partner my life would unfold seamlessly from there. So, off I went! 

  • Bachelor’s Degree from a highly respected university… Cheers! 
  • High visibility, corporate job landed before my college graduation... Check! 
  • Investing and building wealth... Done!
  • Self-help books and retreats to facilitate transformation... Invested!
  • Life partner... Hooked!

Now, imagine my confusion when insomnia and anxiety persisted.

For the longest time, I thought I could think and plan my way into creating the life I desired. Coaches told me that I "create my reality" so when life wasn't fulfilling I criticized myself. I thought, “if I only worked harder”, “if I could just control my emotions or thoughts better”. But, instead, I was creating a vacuous hole of anxiety and self-loathing that manifested as tension in personal and professional relationships. Ultimately, my stress manifested itself as a chronic illness and at this moment of complete surrender, it clicked. I turned inward and began to get curious about what lies below the surface, driving my results.

My approach to life changed and I want to support the same shift for you.

Let me guide your journey to growth and healing.

I realized that if I didn’t deal with the disconnect I created between my intellectual self and my emotional self, I would forever be in this stress-inducing loop, taking me further from the life I desired to create. When I was able to truly understand the importance of emotional regulation and use it as a tool to shift my way of thinking, I began to create entirely different results in my life. I focused on creating the capacity to integrate all of the information I was learning. I got on track with healing my life from the inside out...

My life's passion is supporting others in becoming the architects of their ever-evolving life.

“The mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master”

-Robin Sharma

This is a 5-week hybrid course: pre-recorded teachings combined with a weekly virtual group. Together, we will learn cognitive frameworks fused with somatic practices that honor the mind while developing deep trust with the body's wisdom. You will strengthen your ability to:

  • Communicate in ways that foster nourishing relationships, with both yourself and with others. 
  • Identify and shift old thought patterns that no longer serve you.
  • Develop somatic practices to support you along your lifelong healing journey.
  • Deepen self-compassion and expand your capacity for loving presence.

Imagine building a house with a deeply rooted, solid foundation for it to stand on. The Embodied Path guides you in developing a foundation for fully living and healing!  You will develop tools that shift the way you internally process information… thereby shifting the way you experience the world! 

This course helps overthinkers, high achievers, and those engaged in their personal healing by:

  • Cognitive understanding of the growth process to build the courage to actively engage in your healing process
  • Hands-on, step by step practices to build confidence and momentum in this new experience
  • Introducing a layered approach to learning - engaging the mind, body, and intuition in the service of holistic growth

When you learn to honor your sensory intelligence, in conjunction with your cognitive intelligence, the stressors that disrupt your life will dissolve. Integration of mind and body is the remedy to the internal conflict showing up in your life. I understand the conflict. The Embody Your Path series will reveal the remedy. I’ll guide you through the process and use clear concrete steps. Simplicity accelerates the integration of information by supporting your need to see the big picture and understand the importance of each lesson. This builds trust in the process and trust is foundational for growth.  


With self-awareness, you can identify your needs and what parts of your life are not in alignment with your highest self. With congruence, you will attract the people and situations you desire in life with ease and grace.

Self Compassion

You’ll be equipped to fight your inner critic. When you develop a clearer understanding of why you do what you do there is a capacity for deeper love and patience with yourself. Only from this space of understanding, Is there room for lasting change?


When you address the unconscious resistance you have to change the steps become simple and the action happens naturally. As you learn to honor your body’s wisdom you will support all parts of you working towards the changes you are manifesting in your life. 

Easy-to-follow experiential learning approach embedded in each lesson:
  • Guided meditation to support the process of slowing down, turning inward and increasing awareness of ourselves.
  • Video instruction for concise understanding of the course lesson in an intimate, engaging environment.
  • Skill-building exercises for the opportunity to apply the content immediately to your life.
  • Downloadable tools for hands-on practice and deeper integration of the course material.
  • Supplemental resources to enhance learning and support the life long journey of growth.

You will learn how to quiet the mind and build the loving connections you desire. You will have access to tools to bring awareness to your internal experience and practice ways of creating connections with yourself and others. You will develop your ability to self regulate. With self-regulation, you will increase your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual capacity which will allow you to actively engage and grow in all areas of your life.

If there is already a clear path laid out for you to achieve the life you’ve always wanted, wouldn’t you want to walk right through it?