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Resources - COVID19

Below are mental health resources, specific to the COVID19 pandemic.

This is an evolving list so please contact me with any gems that I need to include on this page!

* Disclaimer: These referrals are meant to support you in your search. Everyone has unique needs to be met so it is imperative that you do your personal research and make an informed decision.*


Find food assistance, help paying bills, and other free or reduced cost programs, including new programs for the COVID-19 pandemic.


Frontline Worker's Counseling Project

The Frontline Workers Counseling Project is devoted to helping frontline workers impacted by COVID19 locate free counseling during the COVID19 crisis.

Free Text Support to Isolated Trans People

The Validation Station is a new free text service created for the lockdown to support isolated trans people.


Alot of what we are experiencing in this unprecedented time is grief. And once we can name it we can be empowered to take action with addressing it. Below are some resources to help put words to grief and how to navigate it.

WebMD - Grief and Depression

Psychology Today - Grief Process

Mourning our Bygone Lives


Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook

A tool to help you build resilience during difficult times.

Stress and Coping

Center for Disease Control (CDC) resources for stress and coping

COVID Coach App

The Dept. of Veteran Affairs (VA) has created an app called the COVID Coach to support everyone, including Veterans and Servicemembers, to support self-care and overall mental health during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


Creating a daily schedule during this pandemic is essential for supporting the regulation of our nervous system. Use this document to create a daily schedule. Make sure you allocate blocks of time daily to support all aspects of you. Below are a few examples.

Mental Body - reading, learning something new, etc.

Physical Body - exercise, stretch, dance, any kind of movement!

Emotional Body - connection with others, sharing feelings (journal, talk, art, music, etc)

Spiritual Body - meditation, prayer, scheduled non-screen time, quiet time, music, etc


SF Dharma Collective

List of resources provided by SF Dharma Collective and local organizations specific to COVID19

Free Reiki Clinic

Registration is Required.

Tuesdays: 7pm - 9pm

Fridays: 1pm - 2pmREIKI is a Japanese word that means Light or Universal Life Force. Reiki relieves stress, reduces or eliminates pain, and restores well-being. At the Clinic you will be introduced Reiki and then receive a group remote Reiki treatment. Guests are welcome to leave the meeting after the treatment or to share their experiences and ask questions. 

Live Online Self-Breema Classes

Sundays: 11am - 11:30am

Each class is a unique opportunity to apply and experience Breema's Nine Principles of Harmony and become more present. Practicing Self-Breema is both nurturing and energizing, and supports physical flexibility and vitality, mental clarity, and emotional balance. Recordings of previous classes also available through the link.


LGBTQ+ People and COVID19

Informational article and resources from Ithaca College